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Contrary to what some will post here, OEM BMW front rotors have ALWAYS been prone to warping (some inexpensive aftermarket ones as well). With quality aftermarket slotted, cross drilled and/or cross drilled and slotted rotors (my preference is just cross drilled) and complete proper installation of rotors, pads and bedding the pads into the rotors and proper wheel lug stud torque, the warping issue is greatly (if not completely) resolved plus you will have even better braking, can have less pad dusting on the wheels without going the real expensive route of a big brake kit (which usually means you need to purchase larger wheels for the clearance). To clean the guide pins you can either use a scotch brite pad or 4 0 steel wool, quality grease to lube them before installing (you can even go for the brass guide pin bushings which can give a better pedal feel, though they need to be well lubed and kept lubed). Blue Loktite on the threads of the caliper holder when reinstalling and both bolts torqued to spec. The never-seize on all parts of the pads where they contact the caliper holder so that they don't bind (clean the caliper holder well first using a wire brush) and disc brake quiet on the pad plates to glue them to the caliper holder (the outer pad) and to the piston (the inner pad). All parts should be well cleaned after taking apart and before putting back together. Bleed the brakes using the 2 person method, keeping the master cylinder full (use ATE Super Blue brake fluid).
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