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Originally Posted by jamex View Post
your pics do look like its higher than it should be. could be your particular rims (no offence) that make it more noticeable, could be my stance-soaked eyes over the years that just assumes every E46 starts with no wheel gap lol.

If it rides fine, and you dont get any strange noises when cornering, there's likely nothing wrong and you're just realizing that an E46 gets sexier when it has larger wheels, and is closer to the ground.

My guess is you have bone stock OEM suspension which would sit even higher than OEM sport suspension kits which may be what you're comparing to when you look at other E46.
again, I have an H&R touring cupkit, so there should be a slight drop at least. But thank you for your responses everyone.

The point is, this is an E46 with a touring cupkit, it SHOULD be lower. Any ideas why not?

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