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Originally Posted by Sensi09 View Post
Not sure about phelps, but a lot of the olympic swimmers have some pleasing physiques IMO. Many are around 6'4, 220ish, which would be bigger than many of the track and field sprinters, but their type of training contributes to a long and lean look.

I think being big and stocky is good for the gym, but in regular clothes, long and lean looks a whole lot better.
Says the guy who is probably long and lean. I personally prefer size, but thats because I'm finally getting some.

Different strokes to different folks. I think age is a big factor as well.

I would never want to have a swimmers build personally. I think they are incredibly unbalance.

I hate this trend nowadays where everyone thinks that anyone who is lean has a good build....

Like I said though, everyone has a different opinion of what looks good, that what makes us human.
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