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Originally Posted by Sensi09 View Post
I wish I was really lean and strong, but that's what I'm striving for.

I was never that strong for my height and weight, 6'3 220, but apparently I was a lot bigger before as a lot of people in the gym and random people would tell me. I thought people would say it as a joke, but I guess it's true.

Oh well, I would prefer to be leaner, but lose a lot of strength when I drop weight and I'm not that strong to begin with, so it's give and take.

But what do I know....I stopped squatting for awhile because my jeans were getting tight lol
Pfft! F-that! Buy bigger jeans (..or be like me and rock those b|tches fitted; show off those quads). You can't expect to achieve strength gains if you're simultaneously neglecting your legs.
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Dude, you are massively gay for Capoeira. Yes I know this has been well established for quite some time.
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While not big, I bet it's firm and can grind the sh1t out of a crank.

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