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Originally Posted by DesiredM View Post
From the BMW used car selections that come with the 3 year BMW used car warranty - that's what I was talking about when I said the premiums on their used car prices. Didn't all the 135s come with 3 year warranty when new? So that would mean the only 135s that are privately sold that would have warranty are the ones purchased Dec 09 so has 1 month of warranty remaining.
Doesnt matter how cheap they are, the price you would pay to be seen driving a girls car would be pretty high imo.....Even if you drove with a 10/10 in the passanger seat, im pretty sure society would still think you are a h*mo

The strangest people i've ever met all drove a 1series. Dont believe me, go to a 1addicts meet and watch the most socially awkward people try and interact. its pretty funny
What's 50 grand to a ma'fkr like me? Can you please remind me.

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