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Originally Posted by jerseyzillest View Post
Wasn't a bad shift, he had a bad oil leak that went unnoticed, the light never came up on the dash.

I've basically seen this car in many stages, I knew the previous owner before him and I saw how he loved the car. Anyways hope he gets everything fixed and gets his ///m back on the road.
Low oil sounds like he may have spun a bearing. Happened to my old car. Usually once the low oil pressure light comes on its too late, atleast it was for me. Depending on the damage it may not be too bad of a fix, but only if you DIY the labor.

Originally Posted by Hollywood516 View Post
Take a look at thiss...

$2000 right up your alley,and local!!!
Nice find James, seems like a great deal and he can sell the tranny to recoup some of the cost.
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