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One thing is that our cars seem to hate aftermarket therms, so if it wasn't wahler (OE) then that might be it.

Then, if you weren't a mechanic, I'd suggest you bleed again.

With car cold, fill ET to between min and max. Close cap and bleeder screw.

Key to position 2 (don't start), heater on highest temp, fan on, 3 red dots in center vent. Then start car, rev to 4K rpms for 20 secs. and turn car off.

Check coolant level...if it dropped, that's great. Fill again to between min and max and do this again.

There are a number of spots that get air bubbles.

It's possible the water valve is malfunctioning too...some have 'knocked' it to get it unstuck, but they do go bad on rare occasion.

Only other issue I can think of with the front end collision, is a damaged wire to therm. If you wanted to check the therm, you could just remove the therm from housing and try again. It'll be 'broken open' but that's better than stuck closed.

Oh, also, there've been times the belts were routed the wrong way too...nothing personal! That could affect wp enough to show your symptoms too, I'd think.

HTH a bit!

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