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Originally Posted by SH4DY View Post
Since the graphs don't look like they're coming (ever), do you want to tell us what the peak numbers were before/after so we can at least determine if it's even worth continuing to inquire about the results...

Bimmerbrakes: Any other 330's and/or dyno's near by for another before and after?

We shouldn't have to pull teeth to get results. I think somewhere along the line it got forgotten that we are still potential customers....

We only got in 1 ProtoType and they went to UdubBadger. We did some fine adj to the headers. Fitment is 100% and wasn't any issues with that. I do have some other pictures that UdubBadger sent me but I need to watermark them before uploading them anywhere. I will post it up on the website once done.

I will try to get the files from UdubBadger and see if I have my PC machine up and running. As we use Mac here as well.

The order has been placed and is expected to be here Mid Feb.


Edit: Update Photos.

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