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Originally Posted by Sven330ci View Post
I'm the same weight and height as you and after three months of working out 5 days a week, drinking whey protien and creatine along with a lot of protein, I maxed out flat bench at 215lbs. Only did two reps but it was a big accomplishment for me. Considering I never worked out before. To me it seems like your not pushing yourself hard enough. Get a budy to help push you if you don't have one already. Eat as healthy as you can. Look at all the nutrition labels on the foods you eat..I went for most protien least amount of fat. Last thing is run. Try running a mile a day atleast. Sorry to be a lil rude, but hope it helps. GL
Yes, because low fat and millions of grams of protein are the key....

Sarcasm aside, In any case I'd bang the chest stuff especially a year after a rotator cuff injury. I had a torn labrum. You're only Going to stay weak in the shoulder area unless you start doing external and internal rotation first and foremost. I'm assuming you did rehabd post surgery so you should know. As far as what will get you down in bf (which I think judging by your picture is more than 15%) there are too many variables to think about. I can tell you to do circuit training or tabatas or interval training but there are about a million things to do and ways in which your body can react positively. Just research this forum a little more. And outside of here.

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