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Here is the original version on thin plywood. The same idea was used to mount on plastic flute board stuff which is thinner and flexible and better for fitting to the BMW. I swap this between cars as required.

On flute board mounted in the MX-5 for a run I'm doing tomorrow. Same arrangement used when it goes in the BMW. Simply unplug from power source/ciggy lighter and disconnect antenna lead - see silver screw fitting just in front of seat in the photo. I have a magnetic base antenna lead permanently threaded through to the boot in the MX-5 so that I can raise/lower the roof without having to worry about the bloody antenna lead. I stow the mag base inside the boot when the radio is out or when parked in dodgy areas. The antenna simply screws onto the base.

Magnetic base and 4 metres of lead as used in the BMW. Note that I glued some thin felt on the base so that it won't mark the car's paint. Bought this base with lead etc. and the 1/4 wave antenna from Complete Car Sound

1/4 wave antenna on BMW. The antenna simply screws onto the base. I just lay the lead over the back seats and then along the floor to the front pax side. People don't even notice it on the car. Again, very easy to stow when not in use or parked.

1/4 wave on MX-5 (left flank)

Full wave antenna - 52 cm long. Often used on the MX-5 but rarely used on the BMW. I get full range with the 1/4 wave on the BMW as it has a good ground plane. Photo to show difference between full and 1/4 antenna. Both antennas stay well glued to the car and have been tested at up to 180 km hr - on the track of course

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