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My portions for main meals are big.
Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Based on what you wrote, there's no way that's close to 2500-3500 calories! Very healthy I agree but I don't think you are eatin nearly enough to see strength gains, if you started doing cardio everyday it would get even harder!

There's no portion sizes so I could be mistaken
I tried p90x before, it got easy for and same thing, I hit a platue. I'm open to different exercise programs. I did have a personal trainer 2 years back, isolation program seemed to work best for me. I did not use to do cardio, started few weeks ago.

For my body type and goal, there must be someone who knows a program that would be efficient.
Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
And I'd stop isolating muscles so much.

Hard to ask for opinions on lifting. Too many people will tell u different things. I don't think I've isolated a muscle in 4 years
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