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Originally Posted by jamex View Post
I can honestly say I've been on the fence on a BB header purchase for a long time. Rather than get in a pissing contest, maybe we can get some pictures that show the inside tubing. Perhaps some dyno #s. Post fitment pictures?

I dont believe xixixi is trying to stir **** up. There have been multiple valid complaints from the past header batches and I'd be the first to buy the new version if those worries were put to rest. I imagine many people following this thread feel the same way.

And in case I need to qualify my indecision on purchase....I have no interest in dropping $1k+ on headers. At the same time I'd rather pay $300 instead of $100 for ebay headers if some quality control is part of that purchase.
I understand where your coming from, I was lied to. You can all see what I was promised and what I received. Facts are facts and ebays are just as good. The fact that you guys can't get a dyno sheet together after over a month is enough for most. You send me a set of headers, I'll take all the pics inside, outside, fitment around the motor mount. Then dyno it on 3 different tunes within a week with afrs logged. Why would you pick some idiots to do the work and testing if it wasn't to hide something? Or to later have a good fall guy. If I was marketing an awesome product with awesome results, I'd let the product and results do the talking. This is the same guy that said he would post up pictures of the headers he is selling now. 8 months ago in another thread, don't be a victim like me. Learn from my short comings. Furthermore, Anthony never made good on his word in the last thread I linked, how stupid would you be to believe this will be any different? Wake up people.

Originally Posted by BimmerBrakes View Post
Since, we bought the Ebay headers that you took off. We compared them. They runners were smaller and etc. After my trip, I will be posting pics of what I am talking about.

8 month bump

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