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Originally Posted by Arock1092 View Post
Ok you want lean mass but you want to bring the fat down to 8-9%.. Make up your mind on what you wnt to do first.. For starters your taking in way too many calories(im 210lbs and need 2210 jus to function never mind if lifting).. If you want to tighten up ur gonna hav to carb deplete, find out how many calories you need a day, divide it up between fat, protien, and carbs, cut the carbs little by little even if ur takin in less calories and you should see your fat go down.. If you want mass its the oppisite and lift heavy(mainly bench, deadlift, squat).. Jus those 3 can get you big!
Wait...wait....wait! Carb deplete? Too many calories? The only people who seriously carb deplete are show competitors. He doesn't really need to decrease his calories, he needs to change his approach.
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