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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
I understand where your coming from, I was lied to. You can all see what I was promised and what I received. Facts are facts and ebays are just as good. The fact that you guys can't get a dyno sheet together after over a month is enough for most. You send me a set of headers, I'll take all the pics inside, outside, fitment around the motor mount. Then dyno it on 3 different tunes within a week with afrs logged. Why would you pick some idiots to do the work and testing if it wasn't to hide something? Or to later have a good fall guy. If I was marketing an awesome product with awesome results, I'd let the product and results do the talking. This is the same guy that said he would post up pictures of the headers he is selling now. 8 months ago in another thread, don't be a victim like me. Learn from my short comings. Furthermore, Anthony never made good on his word in the last thread I linked, how stupid would you be to believe this will be any different? Wake up people.

8 month bump
Grow the **** up you have no idea what the circumstances here are. My issue with you is you are being the aggressor at trying to find ANY reason possible to find something wrong with these headers when you have no prior knowledge of them.

It's one thing to be skeptical because of prior experience, it's another to be an assjack and just try to stir up trouble for the sake of ruining someone's name.

I'm sorry you didn't like the old headers. I'm sorry you and BB don't get along and I'm sorry you are an over defensive, lonely internet troll but I'm sick of your incessant bitching over and over. WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME, MOVE ON.

To anyone else who has an issue with the time it's taking I will offer you this.

1. Sorry but testing and dynoing is not my full time job. I don't get paid for this so tough ****, my mortgage is more important than you seeing a graph on a product 3-5 months away from being released.

2. BB was nice enough to let me test these for them but at the same time maybe they jumped the gun releasing info before they had the info needed to release to the public. However, i fault the few guys being impatient about this stuff more than BB because the complaining is ridiculous. It'll all be available for you WAY before the time the headers will be ready for purchase.

3. Understand that circumstances beyond my control are just that. Yes the shop I went to is inefficient and run by idiots. The amount of effort needed to just get the files to me is pathetic but it is what it is. I've passed along the files to someone who is supposed to get them into graphs for me. They are taking their time too now unfortunately as the holiday had them traveling and they also recently moved. Again, people's time is more important than the few of you who can't seem to keep it in your pants getting what you want.

Pardon me for lashing out but I'm really sick of all of this BS, which is a huge reason I don't like this forum much less some of the people who frequent it.

I'm sorry if this discourages a few sales of these great headers but my intuition tells me that the ones doing all the damn complaining around here are also the ones who just want the info to poo poo it and wouldn't be purchasing anything anyway.
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