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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
To anyone else who has an issue with the time it's taking I will offer you this.

1. Sorry but testing and dynoing is not my full time job. I don't get paid for this so tough ****, my mortgage is more important than you seeing a graph on a product 3-5 months away from being released.

2. BB was nice enough to let me test these for them but at the same time maybe they jumped the gun releasing info before they had the info needed to release to the public.

3. Understand that circumstances beyond my control are just that. Yes the shop I went to is inefficient and run by idiots.
Your Bimmerbrakes poster boy for this new product right?!

Man up and take responsibility for what you agreed to undertake.

For fvcks sake man, you got a set of next generation headers for free well ahead of the release date. Don't for a second think that you can slack off because you have got your headers, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

You've discredited your own motivation to handle your responsibilities, and discredited Bimmerbrakes for borderline false advertisement and then some.

You couldn't even take them to a reputable dyno, according to you, the one you went to is run by idiots. This doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in a new product by discrediting the very source that is supposed to prove their worth.

You've done a fine job of screwing this release up yourself, hell, you could quite be the reason this new product could fail since you can't hold up your end of the bargain.

Dear BimmerBrakes, pull your headers out of this guys car and find someone else. He certainly isn't getting the job done.

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