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Picked up 500 Rounds of .45 yesteday (400 fiocchi and 100 winchester ranger t series hollow points) only problem is I don't own a 45 haha. But it was to good of a price to pass up.

Also have picked up:
DD 16" Barrel
Vltor Mur 1a upper
Geissele SMR MK1 Rail in Sand 13"
Seekins upper/lower combo
Geissele SSA (ordered)
Geissele SSA-E
3 Rainier arms CH
Couple BCM mod 1 grips and Mod 0(if anybody needs a mod 0 shoot me a pm I probably will end up selling it)
2 Badass Safeties Regular/Short levers
18.5" Noveske SS SPR Barrel with Noveske matched bolt in a WMD NiB Bolt Carrier
dozen windowed pmags
exps 2-0
160ds of 5.56(xm855 and steel mixed) with 4 30rd steel mags and 50 rounds of 9mm HP for $50 shipped(coming tomorrow couldn't pass up the deal interested to see what the ammo really is)

Ill try to post some pictures of everything once it all gets to me. But I should have a couple nice AR builds coming up soon
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