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Originally Posted by jared_wiesner View Post
I had no intention of wading into this shitstorm of a thread but I just cannot believe the bullshit that you are offering as excuses. As someone who has tested products for other companies including days of staying up late into the night after working a full day job to write a 100 page DIY using said products. You are completely letting this company down and not holding up your end of the deal. If it had been me and the shop I chose to work with had not come through with graphs after weeks, I would have taken it to another shop on my dime and done it again. That's called taking responsibility for you decisions. You asked to take this on.

In xixixi's defense, I once suggested that it was possible that Bimmer Brakes headers were just rebranded Ebay's that came with a guarantee of decent fitment and he defended them up and down. I'm not saying thats what they are selling, I don't know. But, you once had a believer in him. It doesn't bode well to lose those customers.
Back off Udub a bit and let him get the appropriate results well before the product is in your hand. What would you rather have? Innacurate figures available immediately or extremely detailed and accurate information and have to wait a little while?

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