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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Do you avoid saturated fats? Why?

Do you eat high carbs on non training days? (I'm thinking yes)
I meant this one. Your diet seems to be completely void of saturated fat. How much protein in grams do you figure you get in a day?

Here is what I am getting at... even if you ate 200g of protein a day (hard to do) and 400g of carbs, that is only 2400 calories. If you want to be moving up in weights, you are going to need at least 3200 calories (3500 on a calorie calculator, as this tends to overestimate). Your current diet is PERFECT for training days, so long as you are eating enough of it to get to that sweet spot of 3200-3500 calories. You will see minimal fat gain eating the way you are.

However, on days you don't train (weekends?) you have the right idea with the calories (about 2500 on a calorie calculator) however I think you should cut the carbs down to 100g or less, and enjoy some fattier cuts of meat (ribeye steaks, salmon steaks, natural bacon) cooked in butter, bacon fat, coconut oil whatever. Your body really needs the fat since intake is so low during the week, and it definitely doesn't need the high carb intake when at rest.

This is slightly nitpicking though, if you honestly believe you are getting >3200 calories on training days then just stick with it and with time you should keep progressing.
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