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Originally Posted by S85FTW View Post
Guy has a 99 328 here in 2012 and is trying to tell us how his glorious 328 was utilized for testing purposes. Only testing I would do with that vehicle is testing out a new vehicle crusher at your local salvage yard.

Back off Udub a bit and let him get the appropriate results well before the product is in your hand. What would you rather have? Innacurate figures available immediately or extremely detailed and accurate information and have to wait a little while?
Haha wow, last I heard this was an E46 forum. I appologize that I didn't buy this car for status and instead bought it to flog on it at the track. Never did I describe the 328 as glorious.

Just a note, since you seem by your statements to feel superiour in your M5. While it is an expensive car and a marvel of engineering, It's far from glorious. It's a high horsepower business sedan. Glorious is a Porsche 911 Cup Car or a GT1/2 M3, Hell I'd rather just have an M3.

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