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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
Well you can have any opinion you'd like to about me, my car, this thread or whatever you like. My point is that you have no idea of my situation, finances, time, ect... therefor any opinion made on your part is an assumption. Unfortunately for you, the assumption is wrong and thus your argument is invalid here. I'm glad you are able to invest so much time into your car and write ups, but in my case that is just not possible. My end of the deal was met up between me and BB - you (and others) are assuming that I needed to post graphs up in this thread to make good on something.

Like I said twice before, BB has seen dynos, photos, fitment and everything they needed to put these into production so they could be released ASAP which was the original point of me testing them out for them. Anything else beyond that has 3-4 MONTHS to get tied up before they hit the market. The problem is that people here expect things and then make assumptions when their demands aren't met. That isn't fair nor is it a mature adult way of thinking.
Fair enough, if BimmerBrakes is ok with the situation, so am I. I am in no rush to see the graphs, I'd only be purchasing these in the future if they show significant gains under peak (as thats the only place I expect them to gain) it just looked like you were unloading all blame and that pissed me off.

If you had just posted in the first place that you had met your obligations and that the graphs were just a extra you were doing as a favour, I wouldn't have posted. What you did post just looked like a list of pretty bad excuses.
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