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Well just understand that everyone wants an explanation as to why I'm not all over this. I got mainly fed up with the drama xixixi is bringing to this thread and also freaked out on the general crappiness I've been met with in expectations of members around here. I just want others to realize that they aren't owed anything here. The only one owed anything was BB and since I know on a personal level they got everything they were promised and actually a little more - that I've done pretty much all I needed to in a timely manner. Yes I want this dyno thing figured out and its a joke that even the reading software from Mustang won't load properly on my or the computer of the other person trying to help. I just don't have hours to spend dedicating myself to this right now so I'm leaving it in someone else's hands to get done when they have time. If they were being released next week for sale sure, that would be a big priority but right now thats not the case so to be pushed around like I owe it to the "community" (i use that term VERY lightly here) to spend every last minute of my day figuring it out... that's not gonna fly with me.
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