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I'm going to say it again - all sides need to shut up. From this point forward, please don't respond or bump this thread unless there is something productive being said or asked. Discussions like this one do nothing to further the community, and only serve to make us all look bad, not to mention create rift between members. I don't need to tell you how terrible it would be for the forum if people like xixixi or jared wiesner no longer provided their knowledge and experience on the forum, it would be a huge loss for all of us.

So just call a truce - xixixi, I understand your perspective and I absolutely applaud your stance as a consumer protector/ watchdog for the forum, but can't keep badgering the messenger. And I think we both can agree having more options as far as quality headers go (not just in fitment, but customer service) goes a long way. Udubbadger, I think you can understand why people are on edge. They are saving money, or holding back on purchases in anticipation of this product. They feel slighted that you've been dismissive (be it intentionally or not) of the situation. Here is a personal request from me asking you find a little more time to put pressure on the shop to retrieve that data of us. I know quite a few of us, myself included, would really appreciate it.

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