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More details please, especially on diet and exercise techniques. Finally a helpful answer.

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Try altering your diet (..i.e. more calories), adding some metcon to your weekly regimen, taking a week off, etc. etc. There are many ways to address a plateau. The moment that I hit a plateau I begin to strategize. Here's an example. I generally do weighted pull-ups/chin-ups with 50 lbs. strapped to a weight belt, but right now I can't break 8 reps per set. This has occurred two weeks in a row, so I'm going to take a new approach. I'm going to dial down the weight and do a few sets of 12 with a 35 lb. plate, one or two sets of 4 with 60 lbs., and a body weight max rep set. I'll do it for a few weeks and then go back to my 50 lb. sets an see if I can muster more than 8 reps per set. If I see an improvement, I will have overcome that particular plateau. It may work........or it may not. If it doesn't, I'll try something else.
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