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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
More details please, especially on diet and exercise techniques. Finally a helpful answer.
My goals are different than yours; I'm chasing strength/max numbers on all of my compound lifts (..and as a result I eat EVERYTHING THAT I CAN GET MY HANDS ON REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH FAT IT HAS). I am killing myself in the gym, so I need all of the energy that I can muster up. If I don't eat enough, I notice it the moment that my body starts to move weight, and I get pissed at myself. I don't work isolation movements much these days, but I was an aesthetics guy for a long time, so my physique is that of somebody who normally lifts for aesthetics. My body isn't really representative of my current mass building program; I've only been on this program since Labor Day weekend.

If I were in your shoes and chasing looks rather than outright strength (..and I've been there before), I'd probably stick with a 4 day body-building style split. A day each week dedicated to legs, shoulders/upper back, lower back and chest. I never give arms their own day. It's not worth the time IMHO, but others may disagree. I'd lump triceps in on chest day and biceps on lower back day. This type of split is also primarily about isolations (..especially if you want really nicely developed shoulders)....the exception being the compound lifts on any given day.

Here's what I meant by defined shoulders, and I still had A LOT of work to do (..I was all aesthetics, and I looked stronger than I actually was):

..and just for kicks, one of my female friends who shows quite often. This is her off-season.

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