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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Took last night and this morning to re-evaluate my goals, reflected over the past 2.5 years of my training habits and I realized I'm doing exactly what caused me to stall in the past.

Glight made an interesting comment, how it sounded like I was "fat" in the past. I've never been fat, but I did get chubby when bulking and I think that mentally handicapped me bulking wise, despite the knowledge I have. I wasn't consistent with my workouts during that time, and I was eating the worst kinds of foods... that's more to blame than the excess calories.

As much as I wanted to cut down to a 6 pack (never had one) I realize I will probably still look slightly skinny fat.

Anyways, when people much more experienced than you at something give you advice (bulk don't cut)... you should take it. That's exactly what I'm going to do, and not worry about the scale or the mirror while I do it. There will be a time to cut down, and its definitely not now

I'll be adding conditioning into my program on the weekends, I'll try and copy some of the things guys on here are doing and see how I fare.

Thanks again for the help

The first step to change is admitting/realizing that you need it/to.

Also keep in mind that the more muscle that you put on, the more calories/fat your body will burn on a daily basis when at rest, and it will be easier to cut when the time comes. You might even find that your fat percentage decreases WHILE you're bulking (..which isn't meant to suggest that you can necessarily cut while bulking, just that your fat percentage may decrease). I'm not cutting AT ALL, and my waist is getting smaller.
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