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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Good job. I was the same way man. I cut last summer and got skinny. Everyone made comments about how thin I got and it bothered me. I then said fuuck that and started lifting heavy and eating a lot more. Now people tell me I look pretty good, fit, more full etc. I think with conditioning thrown in and clean high cal foods you'll be fine. I made the mistake of bulking with a lot of breads and pastas in the past.
Thanks, yeah I've been there before too with the thin comments. Hated it, my shoulders shrank immensely.

I've completely cut bread out of my diet since July, and for the most part pasta... but I may use it as a bulking tool. On training days I need something crazy like 480g of carbs... and I'm really not sure I can get it from rice and potatoes alone. I'm going to see if I can at first, but I think I could live with some whole wheat pasta once or twice a week, its incredibly dense with carbs.
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