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Originally Posted by cosmos///m3 View Post
Nice... that cool with me. I dont see anything really being a big issue since I have been all over/under/on/in the car before Just thought I would ask if anyone wants to help and I would return the favor when possible.

Whats that??? You want to do my rear subframe for me over your xmas break??? What a pal

Yeah thats cool man... matter of fact I have 90% of the DIYs bookmarked, but since you have a nice 3 ring binder compliments of B&V full of colored prints... how about you send that my way along with any other PDFs....etc you may have
HAHAHAHAHA, I forgot I had that binder. Fvck man, I remember spending like a week straight compliling those DIY's. Not only do I have them all in colored prints but I got paid very well to do it.

I wouldn't mind helping. It's really not that hard, just removing bolts and parts.
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