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I know this is never going to get solved but im still trying.. So tonight i hooked up my software and took 2 videos. One in park, rpm at 700ish and short term fuel goes from 0% to 1.6% to 3.1% roughly back and forth and pretty much stays right there.. My maf is reading 4.2 - 4.9 g/s.. So Neutral does the same thing.. When I put it in Drive or Reverse Rpms drop to 615-630ish and short term drops from 0% down to -3% and back and forth.. It never goes above 0%.. and Maf is still the same 4.2-4.9g/s..

Does anyone have a clue how to read the short term fuel trim.. I was watching my fuel usage and in park/neutral its .392 gal/hr and in Drive/Rev its .412 gal/hr.

Air intake temp was 91 deg F. and coolant was 205-207 deg.
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