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Originally Posted by Nath View Post
Sorry to read of your predicament

I worked for Telstra for nearly 9 years until recent.. Is your mobile on a personal or business account (2 different billing systems)

If Business they can do a screen dump of calls made, time & location but its 24/48 hours behind.

If consumer, well you should be able to log into 'my account' via Telstra website

All the above will only prove sadly is you didn't make an outgoing call - not that you didn't receive one

Telstra does not record incoming call details UNLESS you report your receiving unwanted calls (stalked etc) then they will place a trace from when you alert them..
Personal account.
Why is it that they cannot even send me a letterhead saying there were no calls at that time? The man I spoke to said his manager told him he wasn't authorized to do so.

Is there no way to get incoming calls? The tech man at the Apple dealer here said he couldn't get it off the phone.
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