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Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
The symptoms I had were extreme rough idle. Where the rpm would jump from about 500-1200 where it would make the car move forward, even holding down the brakes the car would still move, i would have to put it in neutral during stops. Will see once replaced if these issues are replaced I'm going to assume and say yes. Will keep you posted if they change the other things under warranty if the codes are still there.

It also took them the whole day to reprogram the ECU under the recall, they mentioned that the previous owner or someone had changed the odb-2 connector, so again not complaining for being charged something.

For your bi xenon's, i found some on ebay DEPO ones they will give you the correct wiring depending on what you have now for $490ish, ahh shoot though that was on sale which might of ended, but let me know and I can email them maybe they can give you the discount still.
Yikes! Well I'm glad they're going to take care of it. The OBD-II thing sounds sketchy.

Thanks! Looking for OEM AL manufactured units specifically though. I already have OEM ZKW bi-xenons but they're scorching their bowls and in need of replacement. I wish they would recall them. They're complete garbage and multiple people (including myself) have filed NHTSA complaints on the issue.
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