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Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
we should file complaints for the VANOS. Seriously has anything been done with this?? Their should be a recall for this faulty garbage. Who do we file complaints with?
You can complain to BMWNA but it won't do anything. They've already had so many complaints and it fell on deaf ears. There were even threats of a class action lawsuit at one point. The two guys heading it up decided to push on, on their own account after getting blown off by BMW. They ended up starting that Beisan company, selling the improved VANOS piston/solenoid seals.

NHTSA won't do anything due to the age of the cars and the lack of a safety risk.

Interestingly enough, the official BMW fix for the VANOS problem is replacing the whole unit. The new unit will most likely end up having the same issues in time because the rubber and Teflon seals are the exact same and are the cause of the failure due to the seals shrinking and failing to properly seal. There is no actual "permanent" BMW fix. The guys at Beisan reengineered the seals and most guys with VANOS problems tend to buy the repair kit from them because BMW doesn't even offer the seals as a stand alone part. Only the whole unit.
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