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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
G-05 is for American cars, though I hear it is used in Mercs as well. I think G48 is the "modern" OE BMW fluid. I would probably just use the regular 'ol off-the-shelf Zerex green:

Tap water is fine, distilled is better.

This isn't as complicated, or as life-or-death as many members would lead you to believe. The horse has also been beaten to death here.

Running conventional oil is foolish, there is no net gain in an engine designed to work with synthetic. Take advantage of the much longer service intervals!
Interesting thing is the S52B32 was designed to run on conventional and was even spec'd for conventionial. For the later 98 and 99 years (maybe just 99--i forget) BMW spec'd Genuine 5W-30 synthetic for the same engine. This was when BMW was redoing their whole service recommendations and swtiching to lifetime bla bla
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