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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Right. That's what I said. I was just making sure you don't buy extras. So which outer tierods did you buy and for how much?

You're my friend, ryannel2003, but please stop saying ZHP unit. That's like saying ZHP doors or ZHP hood or ZHP valve cover. It doesn't really exist :-p

The correct term is 9/01+ 330 rack.

The difference, as Rich (Rack doctor) showed, is ratio and internals. Basically heavier and faster. I'm not sure what the 323 has but I'm sure it's not as sporty (probably the 678 purple tag rack)
Haha thanks for correcting me, Sir Mango! The reason I'm asking is because my steering currently has an annoying amount of on-center play. I've got tie rod assemblies waiting to be installed and a steering guibo on the way. If that didn't cure it I was going to replace the entire rack, and I was thinking the 9/01+ 330i rack would be the way to go.
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