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Originally Posted by BrisM3 View Post
Simply not true.

CCRs (Call Charge Records) - the calls you make

And Reverse CCRs - the calls you receive are recorded and are provided by telcos when properly subpoenaed.

There is no need to request for that at a time prior to receiving the calls.
Exactly what i've said.

Also, it is important to prove you were not on the phone, as i've said before, people don't just drive around with their phone on their ear unless they talk to themselves (suffer from mental illness) or are on the phone!

Get your records.

YGOAMG, records are important, if they come back backing up OP's story, the judge might as "why the hell would they have the phone to their ear then".

Just do what i told you in inbox and listen to the bloke above me. He speaks more sense than anyone here.

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