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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Speaking of facebook, I kind of want to delete southpaw. The immaturity is his posts, of which there are many, is almost too much for me to handle; everything he says just seems like a statement to try and fit in or be cool. He is a good deal younger, so the younger maturity level is understandable and not anything to blame, but just every time I open facebook it's a picture or link by him doing something childish with a gun or a car.
I kept deleting him for the same reasons. He added me twice after I deleted him, and then finally blocked me once I denied his final request. One should not be offended if you don't want to be their facebook friend. It's just a website, after all.

Originally Posted by 323ci newbie View Post
It's him being young and having fun

why must you hate that?
He's not being young and having fun, he's become very arrogant... almost like Miles..

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