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My Ride: 2003 330i zhp M6
I have a 2003 six speed 330i ZHP, the car is dark blue (don't know the BMW color) with light grey interior. Car has 70k miles, and run/drives great. I can get pictures, but honestly the description will be more useful to you (the pictures will make it look "perfect" which isn't quite accurate).

-It has the Nav system. It has been my experience it is not obsolete, and I actually prefer it to my cell phone Nav. The maps are stored on a DVD which resides in the trunk, so obsolete is likely not quite an accurate term
-It has a sunroof.
-Tires are relatively new, but nothing special (Salin Attrezzos). They are "OK," but if you are an enthusiast you likely want to spend $ on sportier rubber
-Xeon headlights
-Interior trim is the "carbon look" trim
-has the zhp alacantra wheel and shift boot (aparrantly not all did, but I have no clue really)

Now for the "bad." I purchased the car as a repaired wreck. I used to be in the business of repairing salvage vehicles, and this did not scare me. From inspection, the damage was actually quite superficial, but the individuals that repaired it were obviously trying to make a quick buck, and did not replace all trim/pieces that may have been damaged (if the car could be made to look 90% without buying the parts, that is what they did). The car is missing most of the plastic that forms the ductwork for the radiator (and also partially supports the front bumper cover), as well as one front brake duct. I have priced these items new from Tischer, and have part numbers to fix. This will cost about 500$ for what is missing. I have purchased and installed some of the missing pieces since I have owned the car, but only the ones that seams VERY necessary (the wheel well plastic that also supports bumper covers for instance). I initially planned to put everything back 100%, but have now put enough miles on the car I can not justify it simply for my vanity. The guy I bought the car from didn't even know about most of it, so it certainly doesn't look/feel like a POS.

I really am not in love with the idea of selling it, but I have access to a "free" beater car and need the money to get into a larger home (3 children under 3). The car runs/drives great, and has had nothing resembling a mechanical issue in the 20k miles I have driven it. Averages 29-31mpg on my communt depending on season, and is a blast on the backroads.

I would take 10,000$ for the car. Well under your budget. Regardless of how descriminating you may or may not be, you could bring it up to ANY standard for half of the difference. Again, it is a repaired salvage vehicle, but if you want it to drive and enjoy is an excellent deal. Where are you located in Florida (IE, if northern Florida not a bad drive, if Miami that is terrible)?

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