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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
Rack Doctor's years of experience > Mango's anecdotal evidence. This argument is silly.

OP, enjoy your new rack!
lol what are you talking about? Rich (rack doctor) ended up agreeing with alex and me. There's still this "camp" out there that didn't thoroughly read the post. A lot of my "haters" are still thinking the ZHP still has a specific rack. Rich, Alex, myself are ON THE SAME SIDE. it is YOU who is wrong.

Peoples' inability to comprehend and read is astonishing. Go read again.

There's absolutely no valid debate here. None whatsoever. 9/01+ 330 racks are yellow tag 712 racks. Period. We have evidence to support this.

However, we don't have evidence to support the contrary.

Thus, it is reasonable to believe as fact that all 9/01+ 330s got the same 712 rack.

As Alex said, if it turns out BMW mixed-matched racks willy-nilly at the factory, then so be it. But so far, nobody's been able to prove that. And quite frankly, it makes no sense whatsoever from a sales, marketing, and logistics point of view. We might as well conclude BMW used differently spec'd parts elsewhere in the car, as well for the same model and year range.

So far I've looked at three 2002 330s all with the same yellow tag 712 rack. How many rocks must I unturn? Some people are just really angry
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