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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Three is not enough to make the conclusion that they all have the 712. It just isn't. Especially when...

There is evidence to the contrary. Rack Doctor said when he gets 330 core racks they are varied, and a 10/03 330 rack was posted with a purple tag and a non-712 part number. So no evidence to the contrary is patently false.

As opposed to saying ALL 09/01+ 330s have the 712, and the 712 is the 09/01+ 330 rack, try this:

The 712 rack that you bought is the best one that came preinstalled on any non-M. All ZHPs should have it, and according to RealOEM all 09/01+ 330s should too. There has been anecdotal evidence that 330s from 09/01 or later may have occasionally come with a different rack, so what you really should do is check your 330's rack tag before making the "upgrade" to the 712 rack.

Bam. Done. The trouble is with your language. What you claim as an absolute, is not. And I don't believe Rack Doctor ever even voiced an opinion with regards to that. He's not on your side, or the other side.
IIRC, Rich admitted that that one particular rack he posted could have been swapped at some point in the cars life. Cars get in fender benders all the time you know and often times racks crack. You think your run-of-the-mill body shop is going to track down a specific yellow tag rack for a customers car?


You might as well argue there's a distinct possibility that SOME 330s came with S54 engines (factory ran out of M54B30s) or that SOME manual 330s came with automatic clutch fans (hanz lost the box of electric fans)

You are clearly pushing the boundaries here of what's reasonable.

Are you religious??
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