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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
They are occasionally wrong. IIRC the early 96 M3 used some driveline parts from the 95, and it didn't show on RealOEM. I can't say I've checked recently though.

And I wil repeat. Saying that there is no evidence that 330s post 09/01 could come with a rack other than the 712 is patently false.
What? You saw one picture of a rack outside of a car? How about the photos I posted ( as well as others have posted) with racks INSIDE of the car? How about all the eBay racks for US-spec 330s with a yellow 712 tag (claiming to be out of an 02+ 330?)


OK, ETK could be wrong. you cite one example. (didn't prove, just cite) what makes you think they're wrong about this? What else do you think the parts diagram system is wrong about? Lets hear.
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