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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Then why would you post the link to that stupid gun forum?

No offense, but people who hang out on gun forums are more likely to be racist etc., than people who do not. I'm not blanketing people who own guns, but people who hang out on that or similar forums- yes. Just look at the title and all the nicknames.

It'd be like wondering why so many people are guilty of speeding on a car forum.
Perhaps I posted that link because it was the original thread posted by the guy who had his stuff stolen and not a copy/link from another forum? I'm sorry that having to read some posts by some redneck guys in Georgia rustled your jimmies so much. I'm glad your vast experience on forums for people who enjoy firearms you've decided that people who go to such places are more likely to be racist though, such an intelligent and I'm sure unbiased study you have conducted to determine that without "blanketing people".
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