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Originally Posted by Matthew@wltsautosports View Post
honestly the majority of people who have purchased stage 1 or 2 over the years i have seen them only up the ante and go stage 2.5 or 3 or now you have the option of forming you own kit in a way. HPF offers a ton of options now that will cater to your driving needs. Those who have had issues early on with kits on motors that were not built and then blown hpf helped to fix the issue whether it be free transport and only parts or completely free just pay for transport if you dig a little deeper within the hpf community there have been more than a handfull of engine failures many of which hpf corrected for them. thats just my opinion and general view over hpf reliability. and no i have never owned or used an hpf kit nor am i an hpf fan boy. Im a fan of their work for sure though good luck to you
With OVER 100 HPF turbo M3s on the road (many of which are tracked and drag raced) we've had "very few" failures in the last several years. In fact, the car that's been tracked the most and ran the hardest is an HPF Stage 1 widebody M3 (owned by Oscar/Ivo). This car has the HPF Stage 1 turbo kit installed on 11/14/2008 and is still kicking butt year after year, session after session with the same engine that it begin with. Below is one of his first track sessions at MFest in April 2009. Many of the current HPF M3 turbo owners track their car, drag race their car and street race their cars. These cars are run extremely hard. In comparison, if we take a look at the average motor lifespan of a "bone stock" E46 m3 motor that's been run at the track, drag raced and street raced and compare the failure rates, they may be quite comparable.


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