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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
How have you concluded your shocks are "fine"? Because your wheels aren't hopping around like old cadillacs? You've defied even Sachs's service expectations there, bud Your shocks are completely blown three times over (at the very least) likely five times over. As you say, shocks/struts don't have an on/off switch, they begin to degrade as the internal sealing doesn't do its job. I would say around 30,000 miles, stock Sachs-Boge struts/shocks are starting to heavily degrade and performance will be compromised.

The information is for those who will use it correctly. If you choose to not use my information, fine. Don't.

Your car
I must agree. You aren't going to notice your car fade into having shitty shocks anyway. It happens too progressively. You don't get in your car one day and think "wow my shocks just blew". You will only know exactly how bad they were after you replace them .

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