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Originally Posted by jlelectricllc View Post
The fan is working!! Got it to operating temp tried the bleeding screw and nothing. Then a lot of steam by the thermostat. Then I loosened the bleed screw and steam started coming out. Then the damn bleed screw broke. My understanding is i keep messing with the bleed screw when the car is at operating temp till antifreeze comes out. ?? Now I just have to get the broke bleed screw out. Am I right?
I just completely take the bleed screw out, and let the water flow, it will make a mess, until that stream of water quits bubbling. Gently replace, and tighten the bleed screw, and turkey baste, or syphon excess coolant out of the expansion tank, and continue to monitor the level every day when engine is cold, you will likely be a little low a couple of times as you check it each day, but keep filling so that the float is flush with the filler rim, and you will be fine.

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