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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
Yep what a great road to enjoy your first drives in that beauty of a M5 on.

*(Um don't want to clutter up your thread so i can remove or link to a new thread if you'd like). but i did a bit of research prior on the M5 as i may end up buying one. according to the Official BMW 2003 M Brochure i bought for reference with full specs. the M5 (unladen) weighs 4024 lbs and the M3 3415 lbs (unladen). granted options and other goodies may change the weight some but it's still close enough to the 609 lbs. difference.
here even this post says track M5s are weighing in at ~4000 lbs.
not that it's any big deal, but your (fyi) post is contrary to all info i've seen so one of us is off. if it's me i like to get it corrected whenever possible. i'm a nerd on stuff like this lol
Appreciated the info. I see ranging numbers from 3900-4000+ and M3 numbers from the mid 3300s to 3500+. Like you said, options and all that changes things. In the end this is like arguing over minor details in terms of what the exact weight is.

Here's my philosophy: we already own/owned E46s why not change up the platform for something new? In my case, the ONLY appeal of an M3 was the incredibly engineered S54. I already had short gearing in my 330 and the entire drivetrain, so in reality the M3 wouldn't offer *that* much of an upgrade of a driving experience from my 330; definitely not +10 grand worth of enjoyment at least. That's where the E39 came in
Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Epic attempt to let him down easy right here.
Lol. I really don't care either way. Good on Alex323Ci to not start a pissing match and instead have a mature discussion - something rather rare on forums these days. Bottom line is thing thing is assloads more fun than an E46 M3 is/was for me so I'm more than happy.

As for maintenance, it is not 2x that of an E46 M3. Yes there's more plugs, another MAF, etc, but it's not that much more than an E46 M3 like people make it out to be. Just don't buy a shitbox and you're good to go! For me, I shelled out thousands every summer keeping my E46 in as good condition as physically possible. I replaced things out of sheer desire to keep it mint, not only because something is worn/broken. That translates into already being used to spending more than avg. on maintenance, so the costs on most things on the E39 aren't as big a shock to me... And it really helps having a great relationship with an indy BMW shop
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Props to you sir for not settling! Awesome story. I hope I can do the same in a few years when I'm in a position to look for a true enthusiasts car...
Thanks. I waited almost 7 years for a legitimate driving machine - and it was totally worth it.

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