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Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
Sure you can use distilled water, but tap water is just as good and in some cases even better depending on where you live.
OMG!! Engineers spend countless hours figuring out how to make things work, and last longer, and some idjit comes along and says shite like this!

I used to work in a power plant, and putting tap water (I don't care where you live) into a boiler serving a 100 megawatt turbine would result in shutting down that turbine within a matter of hours.

Granted, these boilers produce 1000F steam, which is much higher (hopefully) than your BMW engine will see, but you still don't want to put tap water in it.

I guess these forums serve a purpose in exposing the "backyard" mechanics' techniques for what they are. Might as well save water and use urine with your Prestone.
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I just don't know what I'd do with 560 hp that doesn't involve getting arrested.
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