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Originally Posted by TPLGT View Post
I decided it was stereo upgrade time. Double din was out of the question so I bought a JVC AVX-77 head unit, steering wheel control unit and the appropriate connectors.

I have on order a set of BSW stage 1 upgrade speakers. The fronts and rears are on back order so I currently have the stockers in.

I pick the car up tonight and it sounds like ****. The speakers are a definite problem but there is distortion from the 40 mark on the volume, up (it goes to 50). The unit itself has an amp (50wx4) so I believe the installer bypassed the factory one. The car came with the stock non-HK system.

Does anyone recognize what could be the issue? I am considering adding the BSW sub but will wait until the speakers are upgraded first. I need to get this straight. At this point, it sounds worse than the stock BMW system.

Are you positive that your installer wired your speakers directly from the head unit and bypassed the factory amp? I would check with him on that, since it's much easier to just use the factory harness and wiring. Just wondering if you might be feeding your factory amp a line level signal, which would certainly cause distortion. If so, you might need a line output converter, or there may be a setting on the head unit to reduce the line output signal.

FWIW, when I originally changed out my head unit and connected with the factory (H/K) amp it made my HK speakers sound awful too, even with the built in line-out converter. Pitched that amp and speakers and replaced them and now it sounds great.

If he did wire them up straight from the head unit it could just be that the stock speakers don't like the power. They really aren't very good speakers at all.
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