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Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
Yes I recommend using Prestone, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Its a good coolant and does its job very well.Who do you think makes BMW labeled coolant?

Again, you obviously know nothing about cars and whats what, Im not even going to argue the tap water statement . Tap water is no just fine its absolutely great, go ask anyone whos ever worked on cars and has some experience .Not someone who spends all his life on an internet forum listening to self proclaimed mechanics . Sure you can use distilled water, but tap water is just as good and in some cases even better depending on where you live.

I dont have the worng cap. I have a Genuine BMW ET 1.4 bar cap. It suits my needs perfectly based on my car.And whenever I recommend it to anyone I warn them of the side effects and the benefits of it. You got no point here.

I never said anything bad about a fuel pump,its the heart of the car) I kept on putting the replacement off and I paid a price for it. You got your things messed up here. Other things that I do are illegal and BMW would torture me to death if they found out...

Let me tell you this, you keep learning by the book and Ill keep living the real life. When you finish reading all your books and get off to the real world, you'll find out how different it is.
uh. lol wut

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