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Are you kidding me? Factory pads have fantastic initial bite. Maybe you need to bed them in again, or turn your rotors and bed them in, or something like that. Or maybe you don't have OEM pads in like you think you do.

Also, you do not want a set of pads that will trigger ABS very little brake pressure, that would be hard to modulate on the street. That would be a terrible braking system and you would get into a lot of trouble very fast. What you want is a system that is:
a) linear, easy to modulate brake force
b) responsive at all temperatures

The PFC Zs and the Stoptech Streets trade initial bite for better heat resistance. They don't fade as quick as stock pads and provide nice linear response once they build up a bit of heat. When cold, they suck, they feel wooden. The Stoptech Streets in my experience handle heat better than PFC Zs, but both are a bit lacking on the street.

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