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Originally Posted by Eric W View Post
The more and more I research this I am beginning to find that people are say that the factory oem bmw brake pads have the best initial bite of any aftermarket pad on the market???
This can't possibly be true is it? I have stock pads on my 325ci and the initial grab/bite is horribly weak.
I will pay whatever $$$$ need be to find me a set of pads that will "chuck" me forward in my seat with very very little brake pedal pressure.
I basically want to lightly tap the brake pedal and almost trigger the abs, this even possible? What pad's will get me the closest to this goal??? help?
Did you get ur car new? Factory pads is one of the most aggressive pads out there for our cars. Most people are willing to give up the initial bite due to crazy dusting of the pads.

I would get another set of factory pads and flush out the system and give it another spin.


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