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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
I have a challenge for the distilled water faithful--find me one, just one, single repair shop or dealership who uses distilled water. It's much more "professional mechanic" than backyard.

Modern coolant is good enough that it doesn't make much difference. Now...distilled is better, and the notion that tap water is better is absurd. As is the idea that a 1.4 bar rad cap is an upgrade in any way, but hopefully we won't go there again.
As others said, bad example. It's not in a shop's best interest to do things with a passion or to ensure your car doesn't have deposit build up internally. What owner is going to go "HAY U USED TAP WATER IN MY ENGINE! UR FAULT MY RADIATOR CLOG!"


Distilled water is $1. Too much to ask?

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